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There are some things that are just plain “New England.” Like the Red Sox, for example. Their following doesn’t just extend into the unknown lands of Western Massachusetts. It permeates the entire region, hence “Red Sox Nation.” Clam Chowder is another. From the coasts of Connecticut to the mountains of New Hampshire, it’s a staple even on diner menus. And if there’s one writer that  most native New Englanders have read at least 1 book of, it’s Stephen King. We don’t want the entire blog to center on Stephen King, so I’ve decided to make a page that will center on all things King. (Created 1/1/15)

Hey folks! So I’m running a Stephen King Book Club and decided to share some discussion ideas. You can check out the books we’re reading in posts under the “Stephen King Book Club” category! Comment with any additional ideas you might have. Always looking to make the group more fun so your ideas are greatly appreciated! (added 3/29/15)

Here’s the list of books we’ll be discussing:

January: Salem’s Lot

February: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

March: Lisey’s Story

April: The Shining

May: Different Seasons (“Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption” and “The Body” only)

June: Dr. Sleep

July: The Stand (Up through Chapter 47)

August: The Stand

September: Joyland

October: Desperation

November: The Gunslinger

December: No discussion


Updated: 4/29/15


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