Paranormal Bucket List

Has it been too long between posts? It has. But we’ve been discussing Bucket Lists of the paranormal kind.

A bucket list is those things you want to do before you… well.. kick the bucket. We decided to put a twist on ours and make a Paranormal Bucket List. All the things we want to experience and/or see within the realm of the paranormal. The list is in no particular order.

1. Stay at the Stanley Hotel: Nestled in the Rocky Mountains sits a looming, grand hotel with glistening white sides and a striking red roof. And it is most noted for being Stephen King’s inspiration for The Shining. It’s the inspiration because the place is famously haunted. And of course… you have to stay in room 217, the most disturbing of them all. Of the three of us, one (the writer… we’ll call me Big Red) has been there. I went a few years ago around Halloween time. It’s a pretty amazing place and area, regardless of the paranormal side, and they offer tours and free wandering of the grounds. However, even I haven’t stayed there yet and am very interested in doing so.

2. Tour the Warren Occult Museum: Living in Connecticut, we’re pretty well acquainted with who the Warren’s are and the legacy they have in the world of the paranormal. Just to see all of the items they’ve collected over the years would be a treat.

3. Meet Lorraine Warren: Since we’re on the subject, it would be extremely interesting to pick the mind of one of the foremost paranormal investigators of our time. to hear her stories and have her share her experiences would be an incredible honor.

4. Stay at “Dracula’s Castle“: The famed castle in Romania is long rumored to be cursed and haunted. The history buff in me would love to tour the grounds to see the different centuries worth of architectural building styles. The paranormal buff in me wants to experience the unseen forces that lurk within.

5. Experience…. something!: Catch a great EVP, see an apparition, feel a cool breeze in a warm room, any experience will do. It’s the quest for the unexplained that drives this field. The wonders of the world beyond this world lay open for us to appreciate and be baffled by. And then to not only experience the thrill of the unknown, but to document it as well? It would be fantastic.

6. Visit Eastern State Penitentiary: Another notoriously haunted site, this one is actually pretty accessible to most anyone with an interest. So this item might happen by the end of this year.

7. Investigate New Orleans: A place such as New Orleans holds so much history, myth, and legend of the paranormal that I’m not sure anyone with a deep interest in the paranormal would leave this place off their list. It’s a modern place rooted in the past and that past contains spiritual elements unlike anywhere else int he United States.

8. Visit Dudleytown (legally): This might not be well known outside of Connecticut, but this is supposedly a very haunted place. Unfortunately, it’s on private property and is pretty well watched by the State Police. We attempted to visit once… but that’s a tale for another day…

To be continued….



The Friday Find: A Cave, A Cavern, and an Island

So every Friday we’re going to try to share an interesting “find” or two. It might be a news story or a website. Maybe a neat artist. Who knows! The possibilities are varied and we hope it’ll be stuff you think is interesting.

The Weird: So in perusing the interwebs, I came across this Caving Page. Some say it’s just a tasty dish of creepypasta, but it’s quite a joy to read. And then you have to wonder…. is it true? did this happen? What exactly is in this cave?

The Wonderful: So it’s just outside of New England, but it’s pretty wonderful. Howe Caverns in New York is a series of underground caves. Oh my, look at that, we have a theme going! Walking in a cave is one thing, but the boat ride takes it to the next level.

The Possibly Haunted: The proclaimed “most haunted place in the world” is for sale. Let me just check my bank accou-… er, guess I won’t be moving anytime soon.


Enjoy the finds!

Harry, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it, don’t wait for it, just let it happen. It could be a new shirt at the men’s store, a catnap in your office chair or two cups of good hot black coffee. Like this.

FBI Agent Dale Cooper from “Twin Peaks”

Media Monday: Dolls…

Media Monday: Dolls...

What is it with dolls that make them so creepy? This is a doll at our local historical society and something in the eyes catches you off guard. No idea what era this is from, but when the 3rd graders in town came for a visit, more than a few steered clear of the doll collection. Perhaps it takes up space in the back of our minds, wondering if the dolls, in all their human like form, might come to life when we’re not looking. And they wouldn’t be as friendly and wonderful as Toy Story would have us believe, but it would be haunting and terrorizing like in Puppetmaster. Tommyknockers had a doll scene and a giant living doll is featured in one of the more recent Silent Hill games. The creep factor escalates when a clown doll attacks the son in Poltergeist, and of course, Dead Silence. Chuckie, though, sent thousands of kids to bed with their dolls tucked safely in their closet at night. And maybe with a chair under the door handle, just in case. (Did you have a “My Buddy”? You didn’t after you saw Chuckie. Or what about a Cricket and her brother Corkie? Yikes!)

Children and adults alike are unsettled by dolls. It’s in the way we look back over our shoulder, sure we just caught movement out of the corner of our eye. It’s in how we make them sit, hoping to make them comfortable and not wanting to upset them. We are careful that they are warm and covered tightly with a blanket. Or when we turn them away, not wanting them to watch with their unblinking eyes. And how our hearts rise in our chest and our stomachs fall when in the middle of the night we hear, in the silence, a soft “Mama.”


Darkness loves him. He dances with it like a lover and the moon comes up over the purple hill and what was sweet smells sour. Smells like poison.

– Stephen King “Lisey’s Story”