If we were having coffee…. I’d be asking about your day, week, job, family. I’d be listening, except when I first took that sip of coffee, and then I’d pretend I’d heard what you said. I would joke with you, laugh with you, and look out the window. I’d mention the weather. If we were having coffee I would often not know what to say and hold back the words I mean to speak. I’d be unsure, anxious, and I would sip my coffee to hide these things. I would listen. I would take it in. And I would tell you it’s been a wonderful time and that we should do it again. I would leave and go to my car and sing on the way home and get lost in my own world and replay the conversation. This is what i would do if we were having coffee.


Here We Go Again

So, I guess I took a little unscheduled break. Basically, I got overwhelmed with life and forgot to just do the things I want to do.

So I’m back! And ready and to write about the things I like to write about in the style I like to write. F*ck the rest. No rules. No mercy. Well…. a little mercy. And some rules.

What I’m trying to say is… I just want to talk about the things I want to talk abut without telling myself I have to do any differently. And I’m going to write in the style I like to write in without telling myself that there’s some script I have to conform to.

I want to learn more about the world and the people around me. I want to watch ghost videos and homemade book trailers and see what kind of creativity the world has to offer.

I want to look outward instead of inward for a change. I want to see. I want to see.

And I’m here. And I’m ready. So lets explore!

New England

New England, home to rolling hills and time worn mountains creating twisting roads that glide over valleys and through forests, creates the perfect backdrop to any campfire story or mysterious legend. From Maine to Connecticut, the tales and lore that exist within this area are abundant and varied. For the seasoned veteran, many tales will seem familiar, such as that of the Salem Witch Trials and the ghosts that are rumored to roam there still. However, others are of a more local variety, like the cursed gravestone in Bucksport, Maine, or the lights of Gungywamp Swamp. It is our hope to explore the weird, wonderful, and possibly haunted New England landscape and share the incredible stories that we find.