If we were having coffee…. I’d be asking about your day, week, job, family. I’d be listening, except when I first took that sip of coffee, and then I’d pretend I’d heard what you said. I would joke with you, laugh with you, and look out the window. I’d mention the weather. If we were having coffee I would often not know what to say and hold back the words I mean to speak. I’d be unsure, anxious, and I would sip my coffee to hide these things. I would listen. I would take it in. And I would tell you it’s been a wonderful time and that we should do it again. I would leave and go to my car and sing on the way home and get lost in my own world and replay the conversation. This is what i would do if we were having coffee.


The Friday Find: Ride The Lightning

You pretty much know by now that I am a (super) King fan. I also happen to be a Metallica fan. And I love, love, LOVE, when worlds collide.

Kirk Hammett wrote a nifty little blog peice about his affinity for the great Stephen King and you can read it here.

I don’t regularly read Kirk’s blog, but I saw his post on Instagram (where I do follow him) and had to check it out. Since it was such an enjoyable read, I’m going to check out the rest of his stuff. I think the thing IĀ appreciate most about his post is his genuine love of the horror genre, King, and the act of being a fan.Ā Moreover, his tone is totally natural and he doesn’t speak down to the reader in any way. And then he spends some time connecting with his fans and answering questions. I appreciate that. I appreciate his genuiness and hope that I can be equally as genuine here.

So enjoy the article! And if I find more, I shall share!