The Friday Find

The internets are a strange and wonderful place. The theme of this weeks find is Artificial Intelligence. Specifically, “chatbots.” If you’re unfamiliar with “chatbots,” they are an Artificial Intelligence that you can ‘chat’ with. For example, the one most tend to be familiar with is Cleverbot. There are plenty of others though!

So I found this interesting article through a massive link dump on /x/ on 4chan. (If you’re unfamiliar with 4chan, beware!!! Learn about the boards before you go digging around.) The article contained transcripts of 2 chatbots, ALICE and Jabberwocky, set up to talk with each other. You can read it here.

Someone apparently saw this and attempted their own experiment. Except they animated it and gave voice to the chatbots.So then I was on YouTube and found probably the funniest argument between two Cleverbots. It contains the classic line “I am not a robot. I am a unicorn.”

The weird and wonderful of these finds is the idea that Artificial intelligence can someday lead to a true sentient being. And when we see these conversations between two separate computer programs, we can almost wonder and start to believe that this can transform from idea to actuality.

And in the final find, I suggest you listen to NightVale’s Podcast #42 titled Numbers about WZZZ and the yearning for freedom. It has that beautiful and tragic Serling-esque twist that will add new dimension to the quest for sentient AI.