Media Monday: Aliums In Connecticut

I think I’ve talked before about the need to understand something outside of myself and the desire to experience the other worldly. It’s why I’m so interested in the paranormal and the spooky. There’s a sense of another world and the temptation of touching it, if only for a brief moment, leaves me greedy.

So with that is the curiosity of life on other planets. Do I believe that there is life on other plants? Absolutely. The probability, while not overwhelming, does exist. The first Earth-sized planets were discovered back in 2011 and that was just the beginning. Now, do I believe that intelligent beings have traveled across the universe to visit us? A much harder question to answer. If I can quote Mulder for a moment “I want to believe.” Without true evidence though, I am torn. I accept the possibility and I enjoy reading about different theories but it is always with a huge slice of skepticism. I’m open to the possibility but question the lack of real evidence. however, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying all that the world has to offer, both obviously faked and others…. others leaving you saying “What if…..”

So first, I spent some time on youtube. You can find just a TON of crazy videos claiming to give the best evidence of alien encounters. So I looked up UFO’s in Connecticut and found this and this. “That’s a f@#ckin’ freakin’ UFO.” What I love about these is that the reaction is spot on. It makes me think that the video is real. Are the lights a UFO? Probably not. But I enjoy hearing people with that mixed reaction of laughter and trepidation. Like I said, it’s that elusive “What if?”

So, as with any youtube adventure, you start with one and jump to the next until you are thoroughly down the rabbit hole. I found this video where a guy has recorded his mother detailing an encounter their family had in 1969 in New Cannan, CT. In the video he is displaying a photograph taken by a Connecticut State Trooper in 1987. He also mentions the event in the interview with his mother. I looked up the picture and event and it’s actually a pretty amazing story that involves multiple witnesses across multiple towns.

I think that it’s always interesting how we view UFO sightings by police officers, members of the military, and pilots and sometimes more believable. I’m sure it’s because we hold these individuals in a position of authority and assume that they have more objective viewpoints. Police officers in particular are trained in that Joe Friday style of “Just the facts, ma’am.” So we look at their stories with a greater degree of believability, even if only subconsciously.

Now, I also found this video with visible lights and some very dramatic music. I’d prefer the video without the music. Visitations by extraterrestrial life is dramatic enough on it’s own.

And then we have this gem. A found-footage style film that could actually be quite a bit of fun if not for…. well.. you’ll see in segment 2 should you decide to watch.

I’ll end the journey there for now because youtube is full of twists and turns and there’s plenty more to be found and share with you all. No mater what you call them, aliens, the greys, EBEs, or encounters of the third kind, it’s a fun idea to explore and converse about. I haven’t ventured into blog land to see what others think on this topic, but I think that might be interesting. The sharing of ideas is why we’re hear, after all, isn’t it?



  1. I found your article interesting. The 1987 photo from the police officer was part of an event called the “Hudson Valley Sightings.” Unfortunately, these turned out to be new surveillance aircraft tests.

    The reason we give more credibility to the sightings by police and military is that they are trained observers. Their lives or the lives of others may depend on what they observe and how they react. Especially pilots in regards to any aeronautical events. Why do we consider the opinion of a doctor more accurate that of an accountant when it comes to medical conditions?

    As far as the possibility of alien life is concerned I think the statistical evidence is overwhelming or at least significant. Mainstream science now concedes there are at least, conservatively, 10 billion planets in the Milky Way galaxy alone that could harbor life. I would say that the odds are high that at least one of 10 billion would have life. Given those numbers it is improbable that life hasn’t developed elsewhere. To say otherwise is arrogance or ignorance.

    I agree there is question whether such life has ever visited earth. Buts let’s consider the argument; “Even if aliens do exist how could they possibly find us in the vastness of space and then travel the great distances required?” Well, maybe they would do the same we do – send probes out into space and hope to get lucky. As far as the science of space travel is concerned, one must realize that humankind has been flying for just over 100 years and we have already visited the moon. What will we be able to accomplish in 200 or 2000 years? A more advanced civilization may have discovered the secrets of space travel. It is not unreasonable to think humankind has a long way to go before we truly understand the physics of the universe. After all, until not long ago it was widely accepted that all life required photosynthesis, then we learned about life forms that thrive in our oceans through chemosynthesis. We’re still learning about own own planet, so how is it possible our science can definitively say what can or cannot exist within the universe? The universe is a very big and complex place. Almost every day we learn something that causes us to rethink our understanding of physics and the universe. The idea that “it can’t be; therefore it isn’t” is out of date. We don’t know what we don’t know.

    • First, thank you so much for your wonderful response! It’s interesting that the picture turned out to be new surveillance aircraft tests. A while back I was doing some research into aircraft from the 40’s and 50’s. It’s fascinating the amount of technology that was developed during that time including one particular airplane called the “flying wing.” It leaves one wondering how many different types of aircraft’s have been tested over the years and have left individuals watching the skies in confusion over what they were seeing and mistaking them for possible alien crafts. I’m fully open to the possibility of life on other planets and even the possibility of that life being more advanced than us in ways we can’t even imagine. Like you said “We don’t know what we don’t know.”

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