Stephen King Book Club: The Beginning

In my hometown of Broad Brook, Connecticut, we have a great little book store called “Book Club.” They sell both new and used books and have a varied collection of items made from local artists. Cynde, the proprietor, also runs a number of book clubs including a contemporary book discussion and classics. A few months back, she asked if I would want to run a Stephen King focused book discussion. I was nervous at first but I’m a huge Stephen King fan and just couldn’t resist the opportunity to talk about the books that I love.

It has proven to be a fantastic experience. We have a nice small group that ranges from 4 to 9 people per discussion. And we have a fantastic mix of Stephen King diehard fans and brand new folks that have never read any of his books before. This allows for varied points-of-view and interpretations of each work we delve into.

I want to share some of our ratings (it’s a 5 point scale) and thoughts and ideas share din discussion. I have also discovered that finding good book discussion questions can be almost impossible. So I will share a list of what I use to lead the discussion in the hopes that it may help some other book club out there. If you have any thoughts or ideas, please share them! Always looking for other perspectives!


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