Why Are We Here?

Hey folks!

I’ve been working on this blog for a little while now and since there’s a few new followers, let’s take this opportunity to tell you all a little bit about this site and what I hope to accomplish.

WeWoHa is Weird, Wonderful, and possibly Haunted. It’s my way of sharing some of the great places that are in and around New England. I’ve always been interested in the off-beat and the abnormal. Mostly because I think that every place is a little off-beat and every thing has its own unique qualities. There is no normal, just what is. So I hope to visit various sites across the region and share interesting information, pictures, historical data, and whatever else catches my fancy. Perhaps, through this blog, you might learn about a place you never knew of or find reasons to visit a place you’ve only thought of in passing.

I should share with you that this endeavor isn’t entirely out of good will toward tourism. New England is full of old tales. There’s a ghost story around every corner and an urban legend to follow. I want to believe that there is something here. I’m not sure what. I don’t know if ghosts are real. I don’t know if any of the stories we told each other at sleep overs when we were kids is true. I just know that I want to experience something. To see something. Anything. A twitch in the curtain to a world beyond this world. And I know that if I’m to find any type of experience, then it will be where I call home.

I want to share these experiences with people. And I want to know what others have experienced. I want to hear from people that have been to these places and have had their notions about the world challenged. And I would love to hear from anyone from anywhere about what they’ve experienced in places they call home. It’s a wide and wonderful world, full of weird possibilities.

By sharing my adventures, I hope to find the magic int he world. And by hearing from you that read this, I hope to learn from your experiences. I want to learn and to share. And mostly, selfishly, I want to experience.


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