The Timex Museum

Today we focus on the “kinda weird” and “definitely wonderful” as we explore the Timex Museum in Waterbury, Connecticut.


Alright, I know what you’re saying: Waterbury has a museum?! I thought it only had hills and crime.

Well, you’d be right about the hills and the crime but you’ve been missing out on this great museum experience. At $6 admission for an adult and a whopping $4 for kids 5-12, (free for the youngins) it’s a damn good deal in my book. Parking is at the shopping center next to the mall so no extra expense there.

The first thing you notice as you pull up to the building is this huge freakin’ guy:


What does he have to do with the museum? We’ll answer that later. For now, on to the tour.

As soon as you enter you’re greeted by desk attendants. They give you the rundown of the museum and guide you in the right direction. They instruct you to start at the third floor and work your way down, which is exactly what we did.

Right off the elevator is the Timex portion of the museum. Spacious and comfortable, you peruse the gallery of clocks first produced by the Waterbury Clock Company and then make your way through time as it grew into the Timex Company.

I’m sure pictures aren’t allowed but this was too creepy to pass up:


Best part? Making your own watches!

 Timex Watch

(Yeah, grown adult here. It was awesome.)

Favorite exhibit: The Disney watches! Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse?


So then you make your way downstairs to the 2nd floor. Continue through time as the company grows and changes through the decades. They have a fun section that features the creation of the Indiglo watch. Making things glow is always fun.

After that things get weird because out of nowhere you find yourself in an exhibit that details the discovery and exploration of Easter Island! What the heck that has to do with watches and clocks, I don’t know, but I’ll take it. Now the guy outside makes sense. Remember him?


A fun, interactive, and informative display for all ages, this exhibit is a great addition to the museum. Oh, and you get to play with toy boats in water.

Move down to the first floor and there’s a smaller exhibit about earthen mounds that are found all over the Midwest. Much of the first floor refers back to Timex and, of course, the Timex store, but the mound exhibit is still informative. Much appreciation of the addition of a little bit of weird in this already wonderful experience.

 The Timex Museum is family friendly and affordable. Definitely a place to visit if you have a spare hour or two as the tour doesn’t take much time at all. Well worth the visit.




  1. Thanks for sharing! I have passed by this museum more times than I can count and never bothered to inquire what was within. As a Waterbury resident (there’s more than hills and crime btw lol) I need to bring my family to the museum and give them a sightseeing tour 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m so excited that you read and enjoyed this! Yes, Waterbury does have much more to offer than hills and and crime! Now that I re-read that, it was somewhat offensive. I apologize. Can’t judge a place on what the news would have us believe. I know some great people in the area and I’ve really come to enjoy finding the hidden gems it has to offer. Though, driving in winter is NOT fun! LoL Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂

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