The Friday Find: A Cave, A Cavern, and an Island

So every Friday we’re going to try to share an interesting “find” or two. It might be a news story or a website. Maybe a neat artist. Who knows! The possibilities are varied and we hope it’ll be stuff you think is interesting.

The Weird: So in perusing the interwebs, I came across this Caving Page. Some say it’s just a tasty dish of creepypasta, but it’s quite a joy to read. And then you have to wonder…. is it true? did this happen? What exactly is in this cave?

The Wonderful: So it’s just outside of New England, but it’s pretty wonderful. Howe Caverns in New York is a series of underground caves. Oh my, look at that, we have a theme going! Walking in a cave is one thing, but the boat ride takes it to the next level.

The Possibly Haunted: The proclaimed “most haunted place in the world” is for sale. Let me just check my bank accou-… er, guess I won’t be moving anytime soon.


Enjoy the finds!


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