Media Monday: Dolls…

Media Monday: Dolls...

What is it with dolls that make them so creepy? This is a doll at our local historical society and something in the eyes catches you off guard. No idea what era this is from, but when the 3rd graders in town came for a visit, more than a few steered clear of the doll collection. Perhaps it takes up space in the back of our minds, wondering if the dolls, in all their human like form, might come to life when we’re not looking. And they wouldn’t be as friendly and wonderful as Toy Story would have us believe, but it would be haunting and terrorizing like in Puppetmaster. Tommyknockers had a doll scene and a giant living doll is featured in one of the more recent Silent Hill games. The creep factor escalates when a clown doll attacks the son in Poltergeist, and of course, Dead Silence. Chuckie, though, sent thousands of kids to bed with their dolls tucked safely in their closet at night. And maybe with a chair under the door handle, just in case. (Did you have a “My Buddy”? You didn’t after you saw Chuckie. Or what about a Cricket and her brother Corkie? Yikes!)

Children and adults alike are unsettled by dolls. It’s in the way we look back over our shoulder, sure we just caught movement out of the corner of our eye. It’s in how we make them sit, hoping to make them comfortable and not wanting to upset them. We are careful that they are warm and covered tightly with a blanket. Or when we turn them away, not wanting them to watch with their unblinking eyes. And how our hearts rise in our chest and our stomachs fall when in the middle of the night we hear, in the silence, a soft “Mama.”



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