Media Monday

It’s another Media Monday!

The topic of discussion amongst us folks who are managing this blog, has been horror movies. Well, it’s always a topic of discussion as we love the genre and try to have a monthly horror movie night. But the topic of discussion has been horror movies and introducing them to the the next generation. When is a good age to introduce horror films to kids? Well that’s for you to decide. But if you’re making the choice to get the kiddies involved, we came up with a list of “kid friendly” horror movies. What we mean is… horror movies with little to no sexually explicit content and would be appropriate to show at a sleepover and not get angry calls from disturbed parents.

The list, in no particular order:

1. The Possession: As my friend has been introducing horror to the life of her 14 year old niece, her niece asked for a film that had someone like her. She wanted to watch a film with someone she could identify with. Someone close to her age. This film was the perfect choice. Full of scares and family drama and a little bit of gruesome to keep you checking the closet at night.

2. The 6th Sense: An absolute classic that changed horror for the better when it was released in 1999. Probably a little too subtle for the younger kids, but definitely good for the tweens.

3. The Ring: 7 days. Need we say more? It twists and turns and grabs your heart right of your chest.

4. Poltergeist: It’s Stephen Spielberg. Really, that should be all you need to hear. However, if you need even more motivation, it does showcase how a family united can overcome any odds. Even if those odds are demons in your closet. Warning though, the parents do smoke pot in one scene. Not upsetting to us, but others might not want their kids watching it.

5. Insidious: Another family in crisis and some of the creepiest scenes of any modern horror movie. Definitely one of the better films of recent years. If you find that you like the first one, the sequel picks up where this one leaves off and is just as creepy.

6. The Conjuring: A family moves into a new home and… are you starting to sense a theme here? Just because the premise is similar, it doesn’t mean that the scares are any less terrifying. And just like Poltergeist, it’s based on a true story.

7. Mama: Two little girls alone in the woods, left to fend for themselves… but something helps take care of them. Solid story with a few nice scares.

8. The Exorcism of Emily Rose: Like The 6th Sense, this one may be a bit cerebral for the younger viewers. The film uses horror to wrestle with ideas of faith and science. And there is a ton of screaming. Get ready to turn down the volume a time or two.

And that’s where we leave the list. Watch at your own risk! And if you’re worried, watch the film first before deciding if it’s right for you and your family. (I was watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre when I was 6 so… to each their own.)


And please! Share any other films you think might be good for the younger viewers! We’d love to hear more suggestions and ideas!


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