Media Monday: Dollar Babies

So after much discussion, we’ve decided to make Monday “Media Monday” where we share some of our favorite movies, music, games, and such. Our favorite genre is horror (contain your shock) and so our first “Media Monday” post involves the master of horror, New England native Stephen King. And we start with something you may not have heard of: Dollar Babies

Stephen King is a generous guy. Conduct a search on him and “donation” and you’ll to see the numerous philanthropic acts he and his wife have made to his hometown of Bangor and the State of Maine. A part of that need to give back to the community is evident in the “Dollar Baby” deal. Mr. King will allow a film student to purchase a one-time right to make a film out of one of his short stories for a single dollar. The only rules are that the film cannot be shown for profit without his permission and he must receive a copy of the finished work.

Some of these are available on YouTube, although many have been taken down. It seems that a new rule might be “no internet”. Ah well. Here are some links to few that remain available. If you get the chance to view others, don’t hesitate! Some great short horror films.

Lunch at the Gotham Cafe

Grey Matter

Harvey’s Dream


Note: Yes, some of these aren’t labeled “Dollar Babies” in their description….. So chances are that a few linked are just home spun creations. Enjoy anyway!


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